Just Another World

Ciity is an AI platform, founded to bring maximum advantages of AI for you. It is a paralleled reality, which contains group of AI characters (Avatars), where each of them has been trained to deliver as much accurate suggestions, advices, and solutions in every aspect of your daily life.

We are here to deliver knowledge to you, improve your skills, maintain your health, and filling the gaps in your social life, where on Ciity you’ll find all specialized and dedicated avatars who will take you to another level with a press of buttons.

We Take it Much Further

Ciity takes it beyond the known experience of AI, where it allows professionals and experts, each of their own fields; to create their own cloned AI Avatar, a chat-boot that carry’s their own personality characteristics, history, achievements, and expertise, where they’ll be immortalized through artificial intelligence to pass on to generations their experiences and knowledge.

Ok, let us ask you these, could you imagine if you can feel the presence and chat with Beethoven, Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, or maybe Steve Jobs? What if we could allow next generations to learn from Jeff Bezos experiences? or, what if we could allow young athletes to reach and ask Ronnie Coleman anytime they need to? or, what if Arts and Acting students can consult Marlon Brando, and what if he could help them to solve their assignments? I think you got the point now.