About us

The mega exposition.


Ciity is a mega exposition platform, where members can create their e-booths and video-exhibit exclusive creativities, sessions, events, products and services.


Exhibitors can make profits from applying different charges to access to their video-contents, and they can maintain their business by advantaging from  the mutual exclusive offers giving by ciity members only to each others.



Your booth is a fast, stable, and continuous source of income.


Unlike other platforms, our platform excels in terms of offering more options of monetizing instruments which will enable you to make ongoing profits from your booth’s subscribers:


1. Monthly paid subscription to your booth.

2. Sell your videos.

3. Rent your videos.

4. Sell your movies.

5. Rent your movies.

6. Loyalty Points, for making cashback offers.

7.Advertising on your booth:
   a. (CPC) Cost others per click.
   b. (CPV) Cost others per view.
   c. Video Ads.
   d. Image Ads.


Contact us, and let us setup your both for your advertisers.


For more information and Knowhow, click here.


Our cooperative business model will surely upscale your profit.


This is another advantage we provide in Ciity, where every member is intitled to provide exclusive ongoing offers for other members, such as:


1. Special discount rate.
2. Free Shipping/Free Returns
3. Cash back.
4. Buy one and get one free.
5.  Product Giveaways/Branded Gifts
3. Extended membership for services.
4. Extended service warrantee for products and appliances.
5. Extended support.
6. Holiday Promotions.
7. VIP tickets for events.



How it will help me / my business?


We are here for one purpose only, which is helping you to make fast and stable income; where with our business model and the diversity of our monetization features, you'll be able to:


1. Converting your talent, knowledge, experties, creativity and efforts to source of steady income.
2. Keep the customer/client and gain his loyalty.
3. Increase the average of sales and trade operations between members.
4. Maintain business activity as much as possible in the presence of financial crises and economic fluctuations.
5. Achieve higher profitability rates.
6. Achieve expansion across regional and global markets.
7. Gain new consumer segments.